Sailing to the Greek Seas is... Precious


Booking procedure

1. checking availability: your inquiry should be made by e-mail or fax to us, containing the following information.

  • Name of the charterer
  • Exact charter dates
  • Number of persons on board
  • Marina of departure
Upon receiving your inquiry, you will be informed for availability.

2. confirmation: when you receive our quotation and offer, you can either confirm the booking or place a request for an option. Options can be held for a maximum one week. Further extension required will be considered separately.

3. acceptance: If you accept our quotation and offer, three copies of the Charter Party Agreement (one for the charterer and two for us) should be signed by the charterer and returned to us.

4. crew list: Together with the copies of the agreement, a complete list of the persons onboard should be sent.
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